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Saskatoon, SK

Keystone Paving has served the Saskatoon, SK area since 2008 specializing in hardscape projects such as paving stone driveways, walkways, patios, segmental retaining walls, steps and much more.  Keystone Paving is a full service landscaping company which will gladly accommodate your entire project. Though our main focus is paving stones, Keystone Paving provides high quality installation of irrigation, trees and shrubs, water features, decks and fences.


Why Choose Paving Stones For Your Home?

Evan Neufeld

Image courtesy of ICPI

Image courtesy of ICPI

If you're looking to repair your driveway, put a patio in your backyard or replace that gravel walkway beside your house, why should you choose paving stones over concrete or any other paving product?  Here are just a few reasons why paving stones are a superior choice!


1.  Concrete pavers provide a beautiful look to any home with a great variety of colours, patterns, shapes and sizes.

2. Low maintenance! Repairs are inexpensive and easy.  No patching required!

3. Very durable for Saskatchewan winters. Pavers are stronger than stamped concrete and the joints allow for movement during freeze and thaw cycles.

4. Return on investment is very high! Paving stone patios and driveways can add between 7-12% to the value of your home.


This comparison from our licensing body, the ICPI, shows a look at the pros and cons of many different kinds of paving materials.  Click on the following images to see a larger view.  We hope that you will choose a sound investment this year and choose Keystone Paving to install concrete paving stones for your home!